Material Description and Characteristics

Adhesive Types:

Rubber Base High initial adhesion, some adhesion build up, good shear strength, moderate temperature resistance, good solvent resistance, fair UV resistance, moderate life, and lower cost than acrylic.
Acrylic Base Fair initial adhesion, gradual adhesion buildup, high shear strength, high temperature resistance, excellent solvent resistance, excellent UV resistance, and excellent life.

Adhesive Forms:

Free Film Unsupported adhesive for bonding with maximum conformability and minimum interface requirements. Can have acrylic or rubber base.
Tissue Base Adhesive on both sides of thin tissue film. Used in moderate stretch applications.
Supported Film Adhesive on both sides of .0005" polyester film. The most widely use adhesive in the die-cutting field.

Material Coating:

Purpose Micro sealing improves antifriction, reduces scrubbing of gaskets due to shear wear, reduces sticking when removed, and provides color for gasket identification.