Fiber & Felt

  Material Description Characteristics and Uses
Cork Pure cork pellets bonded by adhesive to create a sheet. Cosmetic uses.
Cork Rubber Blend A blend of cork pellets and rubber. The rubber can be Neoprene, Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM. Used in light duty gaskets when the surface is irregular.
Vegetable Fiber Economical treated fiber material impregnated with a protein and glycerin binder. Service in moderate applications at temperatures up to 250°F. Used in heavy Flange joints with low internal pressure.
Reinforce Cellulose Fiber Fiber material blended with rubber to provide excellent sealing conditions for medium flange pressure. Excellent temp. and chemical resistance. Used mostly for the engine market.
Compressed Reinforced Fiber Pre-compressed fiber material that is used in heavy flange and high internal pressure. Excellent chemical and oil resistance. Fully cured material. Heavy pipe flanges with high pressure.
Graphite Graphite reinforced by steel or aluminum. Used in high temperature and high flange pressures.