Typical Applications Typical Properties Clarity Chemical Resistance
ABS Pipes, Fittings, Instrument Panels Good balance of impact - tensile - hardness and mod. of elasticity Opaque Excellent
Mylar Shims, Covers, Washers High strength - dimensionally stable Clear Opaque Excellent
Nylon 6/6 Washers, Bushings, Rollers, Guides, Gears Wear Strips High wear and abrasion resistance - low friction - non abrasive Translucent to Opaque Fair
Polycarbonate Lenses, High Temperature Windows, Electrical and Electronic Parts Super high impact - low creep - wide temperature limits - dimensionally stable Clear Opaque Poor
Polyethylene Washer, Thermoformed Parts, Low Density Low cost - low friction Transparent to Opaque Excellent
Polyethylene High Density Washer, Rollers, Thermoformed Parts High abrasion resistance - high impact - low friction - low cost Transparent to Opaque Excellent
Polyethylene UHMW Guides, Wear Plates, Bushings, Rollers Superior wear - low friction - tough engineering material Opaque Excellent
Polypropylene Appliances, Spacers, Washers, Electric Insulators Low cost - chemical resistance - good impact Opaque Translucent Excellent
Polystyrene High Impact Housings, Spacers, Thermoformed Parts High impact - low cost Translucent Opaque Fair
Teflon TEE Gaskets, Seal Rings, Spacers, Bearings, Rollers, Bushings Extreme corrosion resistance - high dielectric strength - high volume and surface resistivity Opaque Excellent
Vinyl Windows, Hoods, Tanks, Fittings Chemical and corrosion resistance - good impact - dimensionally stable Clear Opaque Excellent