Resistance to: Temp °F Major Atributes
Oil Electrical Flame Impact Abrasion Tear Weather Ozone
Buna-N (nitrite) Excl Poor Poor Good Good Fair Poor Fair 225 Excellent resistant to petroleum and some chemicals
EPDM (ethylene propylene dienemethylene) Poor Excl Poor Good Good Good Very Good Excl 250 General purpose rubber with excellent weather resistance.
Gum Rubber Poor Excl Poor Good Excl Good Poor Fair 150 Very resilient with high tensile strength, excellent acid & abrasion resistance.
Hypalon Good Excl Good Fair Excl Fair Excl Excl 250 Excellent weather & acid resistance.
Latex Poor Excl Poor Excl Excl Excl Fair Poor 180 Resistant to abrasion & low temperatures.
Neoprene Good Very Good Good Good Excl Good Very Good Excl 225 General Purpose abrasion resistant rubber with good oil resistance.
Polyurethane Excl Excl Fair Good Excl Excl Good Excl 250 Resists abrasion, tearing & cold. Good load bearing qualities.
SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) Poor Good Poor Excl Very Good Fair Fair Fair 200 Excellent impact & very good abrasion resistance.
Santoprene Thermoplastic Rubber Good Excl Good Good Fair Good Excl Excl 275 Good oil, solvent & chemical resistance. Weathers well.
Silicone Fair Good Fair Fair Poor Poor Excl Excl 450 Resistant to chemicals & to high & low temps.
Vinyl Good Not Rated Poor Good Fair Fair Good Good 160 Good for hot & cold water applications.
Viton Excl Good Good Very Good Good Fair Very Good Excl 400 Resists oil & chemicals at low & high temps.