DiMax offers a range of services for the manufacturing of flexible material parts for OEM companies.

DiMax offers an extensive list of processes and services to help our customers, from concept to design to finished product, excel in their marketplace.

Die CuttingSteel rule dies, a large inventory of materials (including rubber, foam, adhesive, plastic and insulation) and a wide assortment of presses, from a quick set-up prototype presses to high speed fully automatic high volume presses. Secondary operations include everything from bonding to full assembly and test. Learn More
CNC Routing/MachiningDiMax offers CNC cutting of plastics, rubber, wood and other materials using high speed highly accurate multi-axis routing equipment. Part size up to 60" x 120". Learn More
Reaction Injection Foam Molding (RIM)RIM is a highly effective, low cost means of foam molding cushions, pads, bumpers, seals, i.e. almost anything that requires a durable, tough skin with visual appeal. Learn More
Prototype PartsWith our large stock of materials and variety of machines we will quickly make your prototype part(s). Learn More